Ventura Music Festival – Ventura CA

Tommy Emmanuel


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January 20, 2022

Doors Open 6:00 pm.

Mike Dawes 7:00 pm

Tommy Emmanuel 8:00 pm

Tickets On Sale Now $39 – $89

Under 18 Must Be Accompanied by a Paying Adult.

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“Songs are our teachers. They show us the depth of the human race and its unrelenting desire to create.” — Tommy Emmanuel

Anytime you talk to any of Tommy Emmanuel’s fans, whether musicians or civilians, invariably they will speak of not one but two qualities that define his greatness. The first, predictably, is his extraordinary guitar playing. Considered by those in the know to be among this planet’s greatest guitarists, his playing is simply miraculous, as it would take three musicians, or more, to do what Tommy does solo. Who else, for example, when playing “Day Tripper,” can lay down the rhythm part, dig into the riff and sing the melody all at once on just one acoustic guitar?

“His magical playing sounds like a bunch of guys playing together, but it’s just tommy on one guitar all by himself. Genius . . .” — Patrick Simmons (Doobie Brothers)

Check out at least the first 2-3 minutes of his Ted Talk as he introduces you to his band! (The whole 18-minutes is a gem.)

“When I was a kid, I wanted to be in show business. Now, I just want to be in the happiness business. I make music, and you get happy. That’s a good job.” –Tommy Emmanuel

Which brings us to the other aspect of his music always mentioned, and without which the first might not be as powerful or as infectiously appealing: the joy. Yes, joy. Because it’s one thing to play these multi-dimensional arrangements flawlessly on an acoustic guitar. But to do it with that smile of the ages, that evidence of authentic, unbridled delight, is an irresistible invitation to feel his music as deeply as he does. “The joy, he says, “is there always because I’m chasing it through music. Seeing the surprise in peoples’ eyes is worth living and working for… I can’t help but play to the people with all my heart, which is overflowing with joy of being in that moment that I’ve worked all my life for. And here it is!”

“He’s one of the best guitar players I’ve ever seen.” — Chet Atkins

Although his expression is instrumental, he comes to the guitar much more like a vocalist, positively singing melodies through the strings. He inhabits the tunes he performs, delivering every nuance and turn of phrase. His own songs are also illuminated always with lyrical melodies that go right to the heart, such as his beautiful ode to his daughter, “Angelina,” or his great “story without words,” “Lewis & Clark.” That they resonate so deeply without words makes sense, as words only go so far. But music, coming from a genuine and joyful source, can go so much farther.

Tommy will be accompanied by Mike Dawes, hailed as one of the world’s most creative modern fingerstyle guitarists with a repertoire spanning solo viral videos and popular arrangements in his OPAC performance January 20, 2022.


Justin Hayward (The Moody Blues)

was named ‘Best Acoustic Guitarist in the World’ two years in a row (2017 &
2018) by Total Guitar Magazine/Music Radar reader polls and simply needs to be
seen to be believed. His ability to combine the melody, bass, harmony and
percussion all seamlessly together with just one guitar leaves audiences
absolutely stunned, both with original music and popular covers.

previous solo album, ERA, spawned a viral hit with his arrangement of ‘One’
that has over 4.5 million YouTube views and over 100 million more views on
various social media sites. His debut record, What Just Happened?, features a
large number of additional video hits with over 12 million YouTube views for
two popular versions of ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’.  He is featured on multiple Justin Hayward
live releases including Spirits…Live, which debuted at #2 on the US Billboard
Chart.  Dawes also has a strong
reputation as an educator, acting as a columnist for Guitar World and Acoustic
Guitar magazines as well as teaching multiple guitar workshops all over the
world, creating apps, publishing degree level literature, mentoring on TV shows
and more.  In addition to touring with
the legendary Tommy Emmanuel, Dawes has toured with Justin Hayward and Andy


Tommy Emmanuel, CGP