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Virtually yours

Thank you for participating in our Virtually yours series featuring the Beethoven Piano Sonatas with Adam Golka. We hope that you will join us for the final six licensed “Golka sonatas” scheduled to release one-at-a -time via our weekly Music Connects digi-festival, starting December 16, Beethoven’s actual 250! Details below.

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Beethoven’s 250th Birthday arrives in mid-December and, as it turns out, mid-pandemic.  The maestro’s instrument, for which he composed more than for any other, was, of course, the piano, and the thirty-two monumental sonatas he wrote for that instrument may be the largest part of the giant legacy he left us.  Pianist Adam Golka, a protégé of Alfred Brendel, first decided to perform the entire Beethoven cycle (eleven concerts’ worth of music) when he was just 18 years old.  Ten years later, he began a reexamination of these famous works, and has now video recorded the entire cycle, including his own interviews with specialists from a variety of fields, musical and otherwise, who have relationships with this music.   Golka calls the giant project, [email protected], and we are pleased to present several of his performances together with his short films.

We began Sunday afternoon, November 15th with a gentle work, one of Beethoven’s most celebrated compositions, his famous ‘Pathétique’ sonata – Opus 13 in c minor.  Inspired by Mozart and Bach, the Pathétique stunned the public, as it still does today, with its originality, power and tragedy.  We followed with Beethoven’s 10 minute long, G major sonata, Opus 79. 

On November 22nd, Golka’s second appearance was in Beethoven’s great Opus 57: The ‘Appassionata’ Sonata.  One of his most technically challenging pieces, the Appassionata was Beethoven’s favorite (and most tempestuous) until he wrote the Hammerklavier in 1818. 

We paired this giant work with his Opus 14, No. 2 in G major.  A friendly genial work, but filled with tongue in cheek cross rhythms, it requires a bravura technique, nonetheless.

We will present more from the Golka-Beethoven sonatas on our weekly Music Connects  platform, starting on Beethoven’s 250th birthday – December 16th .

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