Ventura Music Festival – Ventura CA

Mnozil Brass

Sunday, March 22nd, 3 pm

Dear Ticket-holders,

Regretfully, Mnozil Brass is unable to confirm a return tour date at this time so your options are two: 

Donation: You can transform your ticket cost into a tax-deductible donation to the Festival for which we would be most grateful.  – or –

Refund:  If you opt for this, we will request promptly and the refund provider projects accomplishing within a week to ten days.

Please mark your choice on the survey by clicking on this link: Survey Monkey.

Looking ahead, it will be wonderful if the July Festival can go forward, as planned.  I know we’re all tracking developments and wondering when life will be “normal” again.  How we respond to the present uncertainty individually, and as a community,is so vitally important right now. We will get through this, hopefully being as generous and gentle with one another as we can.

Stay healthy.  Stay connected to people who will support you and to music (and more) that brings joy and comfort.

Warm regards,

Susan Scott, Executive Director

[email protected]


Seven gifted musicians from Austria serve up a party mix of folk, jazz, pop and classical in Cirque, the “musical flea circus” that has delighted audiences worldwide!

“The audience loved every minute.” Mnozil is “the Monty Python of the musical world!”

“Seriously Funny. Whimsically Brazen,” by Adam Tutor, The Rivard Report, San Antonio

The success of these riffraff raconteurs is born from their ability to come at you from any angle, spitting fireballs of sound through horns while simultaneously maneuvering their bodies and funny bones in such a way that one may feel as if Dizzy Gillespie and Jim Carrey were merged seamlessly together into one magnificent brass machine. While steeped in the music of their home country (they even performed a capella a German folk song) the septet’s repertoire stateside seemingly comes primarily from movie soundtrack classics and oft obscure but nevertheless renowned pop songs.

Thomas Gansch on trumpet, Robert Rother on trumpet, Roman Rindberger on trumpet, Leonhard Paul on trombone, Gerhard Fussl on trombone, Zoltan Kiss on trombone and Wilfried Brandstotter on tuba.