Ventura Music Festival – Ventura CA

MC7 – Twanguero

From Executive Director Susan Scott

Dear Friends,

Nuvi Mehta and I were introduced to the Spanish-born guitarist Twanguero at the same time: a 15-minute artist showcase at a large Presenters’ conference in 2017. We looked at one another – said “wow” and “yes” in a common breath – and booked him immediately for the next year’s Festival.  As it turned out, Twanguero’s debut in Ventura came even earlier as part of the wonderful lineup we presented in February 2018 in a special and emotional “post-Thomas Community Concert” to solace the community trying to recover from that disaster. Twanguero had only recently moved to LA, and I know his now substantial fan base took root that memorable day in Mission Park and helped sell out his Festival concert that July. 

As to the artist: he is a Latin Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and guitarist: a “fire-breathing guitar hero” for some, and widely regarded as among the best guitarists internationally.  Born Diego Garcia, he studied classical guitar at age six at the Music Conservatory of Valencia. Today, his repertory is vast. “I like to mix the twangy with South American and Latin rhythms like cumbia and cha cha cha . . . along with the music I was listening to with my mother and grandmother. The music at home when you’re a baby stays with you forever.”  Why the name change? For starters, there is another Latin artist with the same name; also, says our Diego: “Garcia is the most common last name ever. There is only one Twanguero!” 

While most “twangy” when playing his unique rockabilly mambo with a band, it’s a different performance when he solos, as in this Music Connects which is more like Andres Segovia meeting Chet Atkins as interpreted by a most compelling artist. 

Diego moved again recently, this time to a boat in Marina del Rey and he starts his performance from there. We thought you might want more so it flows into another gorgeous, intimate performance he filmed in Spain last year.