Ventura Music Festival – Ventura CA


From Executive Director Susan Scott

ADAAWE – pronounced AH–DAH-WAY – is an all-female, high energy vocal and drumming band based in LA, its members drawn from around the world – Morocco, Kenya, Panama, Israel and the U.S. Their music combines traditional African with gospel harmonies and American funk for a powerful, contemporary world-fusion mix.

After hearing ADAAWE live last year, we booked them on the spot to open the second weekend of the  2020 Ventura Music Festival with a major free concert in Mission Park. Now the July Festival is “on hold,” with the “go or no-go” announcement projected for mid-May. What is certain, however, is that one day or another, we will present ADAAWE live, in concert, and you will be invited to experience these “International Women of the Drum and Voice” in a performance that excites musically while uplifting the spirit and uniting humanity! On the “experience it here and now front,” their selected music video – A New Day – has all of that going for it short of our being there with them!