Ventura Music Festival – Ventura CA

MC28- Trio Celest

From Executive Director Susan Scott

Dear Friends,

I don’t remember who raved to us about Trio Celeste, but we engaged them shortly after for a special preview event at Linda and Henning Ottsen’s where they lived up to their billing: a “first-class ensemble, unfailingly stylish, technically dazzling.” 

As splendid as each member is musically, they’re also a real pleasure to be with, individually and together, so we brought them back to play the 2018 Ventura Music Festival and make more friends!  

Beethoven looms large in the Trio’s repertoire and In his introduction, cellist Ross Gasworth describes their MC music choice – Beethoven’s Opus 11 Trio, 1st Movement – as “lighter and more energetic” than many of the Beethoven works they perform.  I don’t know about you but “lighter and more energetic” sounds great to me.

As to Maestro Beethoven, he turns 250 this year and VMF is throwing him a virtual birthday party next month on November 15 and – because 250 is a landmark after all – a second party on November 22: four piano sonatas in all, performed by Adam Golka who video-recorded all 32 sonatas this month before a live distanced audience! It is a BIG accomplishment, and the video performances are not available generally, only by special licensing. Thanks to our sponsors, we’ve got them and the online parties are admission-free.  Your e-invitations will go out shortly, and you’ll find program details and a reservation link on the website.

Thanks to our lovely Trio Celeste friends for starting us on the Beethoven celebration.  I think Kevin, Iryna and Ron are the first MC artists to perform wearing masks, and Iryna is on record saying “playing in masks is hard.” 

Yes, but you wouldn’t think so from their performance.