Ventura Music Festival – Ventura CA

MC23 – The Manhattan Transfer

From Executive Director Susan Scott

Dear Friends,

Now in their fourth configuration, The Manhattan Transfer (TMT) continues to set the high bar as one of the most powerful and innovative four-part harmony groups ever. They launched in 1974, singing in cutting edge cabarets around New York City. By year’s end, they were the #1 live attraction in NY and Newsweek sent a writer to report on why.

Almost 50 years, 12 Grammy’s and 30+ albums later, TMT remains a cornerstone of contemporary music, known for “four-part harmonies without limit” and amazing versatility incorporating pop, jazz, R&B, rock and roll, swing, symphonic and a cappella music.

The Manhattan Transfer opened the July festival last year in a special collaboration with Take 6 called “The Summit: The Manhattan Transfer Meets Take 6” (MC10). While each performed independent sets, they also presented a dozen or more songs together having fun with, and bringing out the best in, one another. It was a great concert: 90 minutes of tight harmonies, innovative arrangements and funky grooves. TMT led off the last song with an extraordinary rendition of “Birdland,” one of their landmark hits. Take 6 joined in and the performance soared higher. The audience was on its feet throughout, dancing, shouting, not wanting the music to end. 

We will have those live magical musical experiences again. For now, we have a personal greeting from Trist Cureless, TMT’s newest member, followed by their music selection. Guess what it is. 

Yep. Birdland!