Ventura Music Festival – Ventura CA

MC16 – Loren & David Laue

From Executive Director Susan Scott

Dear Friends,

I don’t know what you’ve been doing during this lull in the world’s proceedings, but the subjects of MC16 – Loren and David Laue – stayed home and produced the music video you’re about to experience. As you’ll see, it was shot beautifully and theatrically in northern California, Ojai and other nearby places. I love this description of the pair and their music: “a singer/songwriting duo specializing in male/female, harmony-driven ‘Orchestral Folk’ ballads with a Nouveau-Retro Pop style.” Wow! 

David was born into a musical family and played the guitar early. Known for his pick’n style, he sings, plays five instruments, has performed Coast to Coast and thus acquired a wide fan base. Loren’s been performing for a while, too, including with groups she co-founded and with singers like Suzanne Paris, Rickie Lee Jones and Festival favorite Perla Batalla. In addition to vocals, Loren plays eight instruments. 8!

It seems the duo was made to be together and in their 10 years have co-written a large and diverse song catalog performing, engineering and mastering each song from top to bottom. 

I didn’t know the Laue’s before this submission, and am very pleased to present them and their MC16 song,The Hammer (of Witches). The video is shot in haunting B&W; the harmony is beautiful; the story the lyrics tell is poetic and dark, with messages. 

My take-away: do not put a penny on the preacher’s plate. I won’t. You shouldn’t either.