Ventura Music Festival – Ventura CA

MC15 – Time For Three

From Executive Director Susan Scott

Dear Friends,

Shortly before Covid hit, we announced the 2020 July Festival during a small preview party. Artistic Director Nuvi Mehta led into the introduction of Time For Three saying that musically we’re in the post-classical era where the hard lines between classical and popular are gone and it’s commonplace for classical composers to integrate pop, hip hop and more into compositions. A growing number of “crossover” groups are doing the same.  Nuvi said what especially distinguishes Time For Three is that their classical training is so exceptional they are able to distill every essence they’re drawing on – be it Americana or modern pop – into a unified, exciting and fresh experience of the music.

Our 2020 Festival was to have started this week, with Time For Three performing on Saturday night. While I’m beyond sorry we can’t present them live now – (we will next year) – I am delighted to present them in thisMusic Connects-15 and, as you’ll hear, they’re glad to connect to us! I love the group’s personal message almost as much as I love the song and video they chose, produced during a soundcheck in a San Antonio theatre that turned out to be acoustically-perfect.   

The wonderful Time For Three players are: Nicolas Kendall (violin, vocals), Charles Yang (violin, vocals) and Ranaan Meyer (double bass, vocals). Charles is the sole singer in today’s performance. Spokesman Nick chose not to reveal the song title, so I won’t either. He thinks we all know and love it and says it was the perfect choice for and from them in this moment. He wants us to experience it entirely in ours.