Ventura Music Festival – Ventura CA

MC10 – Take 6

From Executive Director Susan Scott

Dear Friends,

Take 6 originated in the 80’s as an a cappella gospel sextet, adding R&B, jazz and jazz-influenced spirituals to their repertoire in fairly short order, and collecting 15 Grammy nominations along the way. Many of you will remember they headlined last year’s July Festival in a special collaboration with The Manhattan Transfer. The concert was sensational – everybody standing and dancing at the end, including on the way to the parking lot. A great evening.

When we reached out to Take 6 recently to talk about a Music Connects appearance, we were delighted to find they have their own digital festival going. Why? “Because there’s a lot of things being spread around the world right now, Take 6 has decided we will Spread Love!”

Specifically, they “reimagined” a Grammy-winning song from 1988 and created the #SpreadLove2020Challenge which you can participate in if you like, using their music tracks to make your own video and spread your own love.  ALL are welcome, including singers, instrumentalists, beatmakers, beatboxers, rappers, improvisers, poets, remixers . . . everybody 🙂 Song lyrics and Challenge instructions follow the group’s performance of Spread Love.

Whether you take the Challenge or not, enjoy the performance and spread your own love however you choose.

Reminder to local musicians: submit your own MC entries.
Note to self and reminder to all: stay healthy, be hopeful, be kind.