Ventura Music Festival

Fran Elson

Fused glass piece by Fran Elson

If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On!
Fused glass

As a fused glass artist, being presented with the word “Festivo” as the theme upon which to create a work of art is an invitation not to be resisted. Glass, by nature, is festive and exuberant and I could not wait to start on a piece that would represent all the words of “Ventura Music Festival.” Ventura is represented by the background landscape—a lively rendition of a photograph I had taken of our beautiful coastline, with the Channel Islands included as an even more specific reference. Music is expressed in the sheet music applied with a photo transfer process, the colorful piano keyboard, and the dichroic glass cello, complete with glass “strings.” “Festivo” by the floral garlands and the vibrant hues of the piece. All summed up in Shakespeare’s immortal words: “If Music Be the Food of Love, PLAY ON!”

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